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We strive to create a sustainable place in all aspects.

Read more about our work here!


At Stelor, we are passionate about working with what we have around us and try to create as sustainable and authentic an experience of Gotland as possible. In each room, we have had a Gotland artist that we like hang up his art, the cups you drink your coffee out of are made by a ceramicist near us, the sheets are of course organic, our skin care products are from the brand Care of Gerd, a Swedish manufacturer of organic products without crap.


Sustainability is a matter of our hearts at Stelor. We are a bit idealistic and we believe that for the sake of nature and the future, we must, among other things, change how and what we eat. This means that at Stelor we do not have an a la carte menu in our restaurant, but usually a blackboard menu that follows the season and is made from what our five farmers we work with have harvested and butchered. We think it will be better that way. Both in taste but also because we stubbornly believe that it is possible to create a wonderful experience without making too big an impression on the ability of future generations to survive.


It also means that, for example, we don't serve orange juice with our breakfast, but think it is more luxurious with a good apple juice pressed from autumn apples. We make our marmalades and jams from waste fruit from our local trader, but also of course from what we manage to pick during the summer and autumn.

Please read our Sustainability Policy for 2024 here!

We are very proud to be working actively with several colleagues around the island to make Gotland a Sustainable Place.

Read more about our work and who we are here!


We are also happy and proud to be one of the few restaurants judged according to sustainability and gastronomy in the 360 eat guide.


360 eat guide which you can read more about here!

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