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Welcome to Stelor

Stelor is a Gotlandic farm stay and destination for good food using local ingredients. It is a place for charming accommodation and intimate concert experiences and meetings.

Here is the large stone house from the 18th century which consists of 7 unique rooms and kitchen, our big red barn which is perfect for weddings, parties and events. The restaurant is open in the evenings in the summer for good food and a nice hang out and last but not least our garden - where we grow and let the chickens run free. In autumn, winter and spring, different things happen on the farm with fun dinners, pop-ups, pub nights, beer tastings, etc. The best way to keep track of what's going on is to give us a call or check our Instagram.

Stelor is located in Västergarn, 25 minutes south of Visby.


Book a room

Our rooms can be booked from 1st June to 30th August and we are happy to welcome both children and dogs as guests! The rest of the year the entire hotel can be rented.


Book a wedding

Weddings at Stelor do not only mean that you have a unique place with a beautiful and rural setting in our barn. You have the whole farm exclusively for yourselves, help all the way where we together help you plan for your personal wedding.


Book a meeting

If you want to meet and get exclusive access to a place that invites idea generation and creativity, Stelor is something for you. For overnight conferences, we target smaller groups such as management groups.


Reserve a table

Don´t buy food from strangers - we usually say. Our chefs put a lot of time and dedication into finding really good ingredients & creating good relationships with the farmers.


Book event

We at Stelor love to do events with companies that are just as passionate about the environment and sustainability as we are. Together, we want to create wonderful and authentic experiences - preferably with extra care in the details and the food.


Rent the entire hotel

Rent the entire hotel and bring family, friends or colleagues and have the house to yourselves for 2 days. Celebrate bachelorette parties or anniversaries or just get exclusive time with the ones you like the most, while everyone has their own room with a private toilet and a hotel feel.

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We strive for sustainability in all areas of the business.

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