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Welcome to Hotel
Stelor on Gotland

Stelor is the farm located 25 minutes south of Visby. 

Here is the large stone house from the 18th century which consists of 7 unique rooms and kitchen, our big red barn which is perfect for weddings, parties and events. The restaurant is open in the evenings in the summer for good food and a nice hang out and last but not least our garden - where we grow and let the chickens run free. In autumn, winter and spring, a few different things happen on the farm with fun dinners, pop-ups, pub nights, beer tastings  etc. The best way to keep track of what's going on is to give us a call or check our Instagram.


Together, we want to create a dynamic, fun and relaxing place where you who visit us can feel at home and enjoy our nature that we have all around us. Partly in our garden but also at the beach which is only a few hundred meters away. Borrow one of our bikes and you can also go further afield and explore the west coast of Gotland. If you want to go horse riding, golf or surf when you visit Gotland, we have these activities just around the corner from us and we will be happy to help you book. We promise there are things to do on Gotland all year round. Since we live and work here all year round, we know, for example, that autumn is fantastic - then the Gotland pantry is full and the autumn storms by the sea are dramatic - we are happy to share our best tips!



Good Friday 12-9pm

Easter Eve 12-9pm

Easter Sunday 12-9pm

Book a table here!


You know that it is easy to take the bus here, check the bus times here.

Book a room or rent 
the whole hotel! 

Our rooms can be booked from 1st June to 30th August and we are happy to welcome both children and dogs as guests! Book your room here!


The rest of the year you can also rent the entire hotel!

Bring family, friends or colleagues and have the house to yourself for 2 days. Cook together, go for long walks by the sea, light a fire and pretend you've moved into a big house on Gotland for a while.


Read more about renting the entire farm hotelhere!

Stelor_Rum4_ 1388.jpg


At Stelor, we are passionate about working with what we have around us and try to create as sustainable and authentic an experience of Gotland as possible. In each room we have had a Gotland artist that we like hang up his art, the cups you drink your coffee out of are made by a ceramicist near us, the sheets are of course organic, our skin care products are from the Care of Gerd brand, which Swedish manufactures organic products without crap.  


We are a bit idealistic and we believe that for the sake of nature and the future, we must, among other things, change how and what we eat. This means that at Stelor we do not have an a la carte menu in our restaurant, but usually a blackboard menu that follows the season and is made from what our five farmers we work with have harvested and butchered. We think it will be better that way. Both in taste but also because we stubbornly believe that it is possible to create a wonderful experience without making too big an impression on the ability of future generations to survive.  


It also means that, for example, we don't serve orange juice with our breakfast, but think it is more luxurious with a good apple juice pressed from autumn apples. We make our marmalades and jams from waste fruit from our local trader, but also of course from what we manage to pick during the summer and autumn.


We are happy and proud to be one of the few restaurants judged according to gastronomy and sustainability in the 360 EAT GUIDE (Please read more about it here: We are also part of the Gotland initiative Sustainable Plejs where, together with other colleagues in the industry, we work to develop ourselves and each other through the manifesto below, which you will find outside our door. (Please read more about us here: There you will also find our own Sustainability policy!


We at Stelor love to do events with companies that are just as passionate about the environment and sustainability as we are. Together, we want to create wonderful and authentic experiences - preferably with extra care in the details and with the food. We have all worked with communication, event and experience design so we are happy to help you all the way - from planning to implementation or maybe you just need a caterer, on-site chef, cooking class, etc. Whatever helps you - just shout then we begin to figure out a really successful event. 


Sometimes we organize our own events here at Stelor - autumn markets, culture days, lectures and other fun - best to keep up to date via our Instagram! 

See more of Stelor!


If you want to meet and get exclusive access to a place that invites idea generation and creativity, Stelor is something for you. For overnight conferences, we aim at smaller groups such as management groups of 7–14 people, as you can stay up to 14 people at our hotel. We are happy to host day conferences for up to 40 people in our new meeting room - the Loft. A place where you look out over Paviken and can alternate encounters with nature, coffee in our garden, beach walks, etc. Sustainable lunch/dinner & homemade coffee is available! We have whiteboards, flipcharts and projectors and things like that, but we are happy to tailor activities and brainstorm creative ideas together to create valuable content for your days. An example could be that if the gang is interested in food, they might want to go up to our farmers and harvest and then cook together with a chef who offers his best cooking tricks. Yoga, SUP, sauna at our best neighbors Surflogiet or why not golf on one of Sweden's most beautiful golf courses?


Tip is that we also have extensive experience in leading workshops and facilitating your meeting so that you can get more out of your meeting days here. Just ask us at then we are happy to tell you more about what a meeting can be at Stelor.

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Weddings at Stelor do not only mean that you have a unique place with a beautiful and rural setting in our barn.


You have the whole farm exclusively for yourselves, help all the way where we together help you plan for your personal wedding.  

Read more about our arrangement and do not hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns.

Read more about weddings here!

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