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Harvest dinner 17.30-22.00

Pastaklubben 12-15
Harvest dinner 17.20-22.00

Pastaklubben 12-15

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Harvest dinner


Some info about our restaurant....


At stelor we serve a harvest dinner, it is a is a fixed menu in five servings that follows the farmer's season. All the dishes are prepared with ingredients from the farmers around us. Except when we sometimes buy fish from the west coast, organic lemons from Sicily and a little cheese every now and then. These relationships are all that matters, and we consider the producers  family.

We want to give our guests an evening filled with good food & drinks without the fuss but with a lot of love. The price for the farm dinner is SEK 595.

We also have a wine pairing that is carefully balanced to match the meny.

Wine at Stelor is always organic, biodynamic or natural, often all three.


We have children ourselves and really like them and most of the time they also like to be on Stelor and play in our large garden. We want the children to have something to eat that, just like the adults' food, is freshly harvested and tasty. that's why we have a  children's menu for 250 sek. We think children are children up to 12 years old.

See more photos from our farmers in our gallery ->

Harvest dinner 595 sek

Harvest dinner (kids) 250 sek