At the moment Stelor is closed since we are going to rebuild the place a bit so that we can be open more in the future! 


We will release the bookings for next year in the late march and are looking forward to have you here with us next summer ! 


best regards,

My & Linus 


A Gotlandic Farmstay 


What is Stelor? Is it boutique hotel, hotel, bed and breakfast? 

Well we are many things but we have chosen to call Stelor -  our Gotlandic farm stay, 25 minutes south of Visby. The farm features 7 relaxing and cosy rooms in the original stone farmhouse from the 1820s, a renovated barn (perfect for weddings and parties) and kitchen garden where we harvest vegetables everyday. We want Stelor to feel like your countryside home away from home. 


It’s the place where we gather all the things we love about Gotland; wild flowers for the tables, fresh produce from our neighbours and works by local artists for the hotel room walls. There’s so much to discover on Gotland, which is why we never have to go too far to find things we need and love.


Since we ( My (born and raised on Gotland)  & Linus (the chef) ) lives on the island the whole year round we are happy to share our favorite spots and secrets with you and we can also advise on the best activities to do on the island. Horse riding at the beach, golf, surf, yoga...there is plenty to do here if you want to be active on your holiday. But also to relax in the nature that is around are farm. Our dreamy sandy beaches are just 5 min walk away...

Food & Sustainability

At Stelor we also have our restaurant that is open daily from June to the end of August. This is where we serve our summer harvest dinner

- a set menu made from what our producers have provided us with that day. For us it is important to make an authentic and sustainable experience. That is why we for eg. do not serve orange juice for breakfast but we press apples that we have picked in the autumn as juice. It´s why we buy fresh milk and yoghurt from a farmer nearby and therefore you can not find vanilla yoghurt at our breakfast. Luxury we believe, is to feel that you eat what nature gives you and not what the industry gives you. In this way we believe that we can create a more sustainable experience. We have chosen to work the global goal nr. 12 and aim to create a more responsible product for you to consume. Red more about the global goal here!

A Family Affair

The Stelor family is more than just our own. It is Åsa that bake our bread in the morning, it is Ellie that take care of all the weddings at Stelor. It is our parents who help us with almost everything and especially taking care of our kids Loui, Tove and Lykke.It is our staff that work hard to create a nice spot for you to visit. And all the awesome local producers who help us create something delicious, cosy and special, so you can sleep, eat, marry and meet at Stelor.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.

My & Linus